Heartworm Preventatives

We recommend *Interceptor (heartworms and intestinal parasites) or *Sentinel (heartworms, intestinal parasites and flea birth control) for year round heartworm prevention. Our doctors and staff use Sentinel and Comfortis on their personal dogs. Cats should also be on heartworm preventative- we recommend either Interceptor or Heartguard/cats.

Flea and Tick Control

Bravecto (once a month flea pill) is our pick for flea control in dogs. We recommend Revolution for feline flea control. We also stock Capstar for instant flea control for pets regularly on a topical flea prevention.

Food Products

Royal Canin & Hill’s pet foods contain high-quality ingredients, their research proves that it is the proper balance of essential nutrients supplied by those ingredients that is the key to optimal health for pets. Guided by their evidenced-based research, Hill’s formulates it’s foods with a precise balance of these nutrients to meet the specific needs of pets associated with their lifestage, size or special needs.